Fullest potential and Self-Care


E6B405FC-ABC2-407D-B710-F160580B8632.jpegSilver Falls State Park. One of my favorite sacred places. I’ve taken hundreds of photographs here. Finally, I’ve captured the eye.

Potential and power. Mindbodygreen blogger Tejal Patel writes, “When we live from the space of having an open mind and heart, we can live out our dreams without any limitation. By releasing our closed mind, we let go of being disturbed by fear, worry, emotional stability and getting easily offended. When we step into our authentic power, we relax because we never lose sight of the true meaning and potential of who we are.”

Which brings me to today, a new day in a new year, reflecting on living to my fullest potential. Do I feel like I’m 100% there?!?


Am I trying?!?

I think so.

Are you there and are you trying?!?

That’s where I’m at in 2018. Let’s get more folks on board with living to their highest, fullest, best potential. Through some powerful meditations this month, it became crystal clear to me what I need to release from this body in order to create new, open space. It’s amazing what these vessels harbor. Time to truly let go. Continuously ridding the things that no longer serve me is a true test of clearing the clutter. My life has been a bit dusty at times. It’s nice to see that dust has finally settled.

Yoga. What a life saver. It’s always been there, sometimes lurking in the background, the mat staring at me from the corner… This year it’s been an every day practice for me. Granting myself permission to just get on that mat and stretch and breathe. Our bodies deserve to feel good and to be healthy.

Nature. Also a life saver. I’ve always been connected to the forest and it’s always been my therapy, teacher, sanctuary, peace, home. Get outside people. There are some magical things happening. Then again, there always is. 3BFDC389-16E1-49D6-81FA-7A0DC93520C6AA9F260E-F090-4E46-8F4E-DF044E64DEAC

1B1F22C1-CAA5-4F51-8223-90542AEDC2232506D8DF-F5BA-4805-A0CA-4DE350E7FB3B2B8EF41F-B82D-45EE-9FA7-6905E1553730Self-care. That is my motto this year, and every year for that matter. Some of us have fallen off the self-care wagon, but it’s okay! You can always return. I’m returning for good. It’s so important to listen to what we need. What are our bodies trying to tell us? How are we making time for ourselves? Are we allowing ourselves to heal? Are we living mindfully? Are we loving enough?216C6AC3-BF2C-402A-A101-5B5B308451B8.jpeg

I can’t ever remember a time in my entire life where the tensions between people have created this gross, sticky mess of a web that winds up sucking you in and twirling you around in all its filth, and then when it spits you out, you come out spitting all this negative, dark, judgemental fear-based nonsense that spreads just as fast as wildfire.

There is no way to suck all that spit back in. It’s now just out there in the world, doubling and tripling in size, gaining its unfathomable momentum, waiting to prey upon its next willing creature.

I choose not to be that creature this year. My mind has moved past the temping web of darkness and has landed in a rather warm, soft, comfortable space in which I choose to only breed positivity. This has taken many years of shaping self-discipline and creating more openness in all available outlets in this body. I wish the same for you all this year.

A powerful read for me continues to be Thich Nhat Hanh’s, THE ART OF power. I will  leave you with some of his words. “We already have enough time to be attentive to all the people and things that are most important to us, and we can live each moment to the fullest, knowing it is a wonderful moment, the only moment we really have.”

Be good to one another. Use your power from a place of love. Speak your truth with grace.

Raising vibrations until next time ❤️








2 thoughts on “Fullest potential and Self-Care

  1. Thank you for sharing ! I will focus on your thoughts and create some new energy because of it. HUGS girl ! Keep writing – you are an inspiration. xo

    On Thu, Jan 25, 2018 at 11:40 PM, Meet Ivory Pearl wrote:

    > meetivorypearl posted: ” Silver Falls State Park. One of my favorite > sacred places. I’ve taken hundreds of photographs here. Finally, I’ve > captured the eye. Potential and power. Mindbodygreen blogger Tejal Patel > writes, “When we live from the space of having an open mind” >


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