Up From Here

That’s where we are headed. Up.

As we spent the last week cruising around Northern California, where Mikey spent over a decade of his precious life, I realized just how a place can define us. How it helps us to grow, or not to grow in some cases, how it makes us appreciate this giant life breeding planet we live upon, or how not to appreciate it, helps us see things in new light, or not, etc…

Which brings me back to perspective. Look at this! What do YOU see?!? How does it make YOU feel?!? What do YOU want because of this?!? Does this mean something to YOU?!? If so, how much? Why?


These questions invaded my brain as I stumbled around for 5ish hours trying to just look up. That is a very hard task for us humans. I told Mike I only wish we had 2 sets of eyeballs on our heads so we were able to look up and down at the same time! How are we supposed to take this all in?!? Mike made sure to pull me aside at certain moments and say, ” Okay, just open your eyes as wide as you can and look around. ” Seemed like a reasonable compromise.

UP. That’s where we all should be headed. A dear family member of mine recently said to me, ” I feel like I’ve hit rock bottom”. To which I replied 2 things. Firstly, “Well, yep. I’ve been there. Suuuuuuuucks. Big time.” Secondly, ” Well, the positive to that whole at rock bottom place is you only have one direction to go, and guess what?!? You guessed it… UP.”

I think Bob Marley and The Wailers were on to something with this whole, “Get Up, Stand Up” business. I can’t help but wonder about those ginormo-saurus-rex trees out there, some of which claim to be 1500 years old like this guy…


Big Tree. Such a clever name for something that is 1500 years old. Is that why they are so BIG?!?

Is that what it takes these days to stand up for your rights? To be BIG?


These are the things my mind wanders to after processing it all. And by ‘it all’, I mean ‘a lot’. There is a whole lot happening out there people. So much that I’ve been forced to realize what it means to let go. Let go of my life as I once knew it to be, let go of the big hurts from the past, let go of all the stupid shit. Period. Now is the time, the time is now, there’s no time like the present… yeah. All of that.

There is something to be said for a life worth living. I’m pretty sure mine has arrived. Stay tuned you beautiful humans. I’m filled with so much crazy good real love right now, y’all better watch out.

Barcelona bound in T-minus 17 days.

Woah. It’s getting real.

Keep looking UP…


I leave you with this Hold Your Head Up



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