One More Day

That is all I have left. One more day of a lifestyle I have been living now for close to a full, whole year now, which for those of you that know me know this is a pretty good accomplishment.

As a nanny for two small children, it has been a very rewarding challenge. Days filled with random little people voices saying, “Tannon, can I tell you tomething?” and I respond to the absence of the ‘s’, smiling on the inside because I love that my name has now become Tannon.

“What do you have to say?”, I ask.

“Tannon, I lub you.”

Truly melted my heart each and every single time. Like the kind of melt you reactively clinch a fist to as though it is your heart, place it on your actual heart, say Awwwwww…., and then those tears naturally just rest in the little corners of your eyeballs.

Yeah. That kind of melt. I’m going to miss that the most.

Again, this whole love evolution thing surfaces. Children do this so effortlessly. Little three year old people just spouting off those three words like it’s what they live for. Just heart melting through little love bombs.

So, it’s April now. One more day of nannyland and then just a handful of really fun, amazing shifts left of slinging the adult grape juice. I am so grateful for my family at Blackbird Wine Shop. Again, another job that I have managed to show up for since October 2015. I guess that means I am improving on my commitments.

May 21 is the departure date. Barcelona bound. I’m starting to dream of Europe. Blurry moments of fast-paced cultures, whizzing past my standing still body, just observing and listening. Lots of that in my future.

Go observe and listen this month. Say the words, “I love you”. Melt some hearts.


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